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Birthdate:Jun 21
Real Name : Anung un Rama
Aliases : Hellboy
Birthday : December 23, 1944
Age : 64, appears to age slower than humans
Height : 6'3" (Includes shaved off horns, is 6'1" otherwise)
Weight : unknown
Hair Color and Consistency : Black
Eye Color : Yellow
Distinguishable Marks : Red skintone, stone right hand.
Race : Demon

Appearance :

Standing tall over most humans, with red skin, shaved off horns, and usually wearing a vest and large longcoat, Hellboy is, to put it punnily enough, a hell of a sight to the uninitiated.

Information :

I'll finish this later when I can brain it @__@

FICTIONAL CHARACTER JOURNAL for use at [info]we_bumpback, [info]dear_multiverse, and others. I do not own the Hellboy franchise or I'd be a very rich fellow, this is just for the whole pretendy-funtime-games. Hellboy is based on the Movieverse version, but with slight AU-age to make more sense in play.

Interests (11):

abe sapien, bprd, cats, dark horse, dear sweet god cats, hitting things really hard, liz sherman, pamcakes, pancakes, right hand of doom, television
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